Qax Graphics Calculator

Qax Graphics Calculator 10.0

The Qax Graphics Calculator is an outstanding piece of software
10.0.10 (See all)

The Qax Graphics Calculator is an outstanding piece of software that is built into the QAX Mathematics software program . It can out-perform most hand-held graphics calculator functions and also doubles as a scientific calculator.
Calculator Capabilities:
-Equations: solves quadratic, cubic and quartic equations for real and complex roots of.
-Solver: will solve any equation where there is only one unknown.
-Algebra: factorises quadratics, expands 2, 3 or 4 binomial products, division of polynomials.
-Statistics: will calculate mean, median, mode, quartiles, inter-quartile range, stem and leaf, box plots, skew and kurtosis.
-Conics: sketches and gives details on circles, parabolas, ellipses and hyperbolas in both Cartesian and polar form.
-Probability Distributions: Binomial, Normal, t-Distributions, Chi-Squared, F-Distributions, Poisson, Log Normal, and -Exponential forms.
-Tables: will calculate a table of y and y’ for any x.
-Financial: Simple Interest, Compound Interest, Annuities, Future Value, Present Value and Depreciation.
Vectors: 2D & 3D vectors, add, subtract, find scalar product and cross product. Produces a diagram which demonstrates the addition and subtraction of vectors in 2D and 3D.

Simultaneous Equations: solves simultaneous equations with up to 9 unknowns.
Complex Numbers: add, subtract, multiply divide, square, square root, nth Power, nth Root, Conjugate, scalar multiple and inverse, all in both polar and rectangular form.
Matrices: will add, subtract, multiple, find the inverse, transpose, find the determinant, and scale of matrices.
Fractions: will add, subtract, multiply, divide, simplify and convert to decimal form.
Curve Fitter: will find the curve of best fit for any set of points using many models of regression.
Grapher: will plot graphs and find definite derivatives and integrals along with points of intersection, maxima and minima.

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